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Gulf One was born out of a joint conviction that building long term success and maintaining a competitive position requires a professionally independent bank with a unique approach to investment banking that embraces knowledge and innovation. We believe this is vital to meet the growing requirements of our society and accelerate economic transformation in the Gulf region. Our commitment towards Islamic principles and to value our intellectual capital is the hallmark of our business across the board.

Gulf One is part of the GCC trend towards unleashing the region's potential and the creation of lasting wealth. Our focus is to inject creative methods and utilise innovative solutions to address the structural, financial and economic needs of the region, using the highest standards of regional and international know-how, cutting edge financial products and best practices.

Combined with the increasing interconnectivity of global financial markets and the growing propensity of international business to build strategic alliances and partnerships, the bank actively seeks strategic collaboration with regional and international entities.

Gulf One's financial capital is fortified by a series of substantial investment funds to compliment and strengthen any financing obligations. The bank's unique approach is supported by an exceptional team dedicated to the development of ethical and promising long-term investments.

Gulf One is the region’s first truly independent investment bank and the first institution to exclusively focus its core products and services on large scale energy-related and infrastructure development projects. The aim of the bank is to facilitate sustainable economic development and create wealth and prosperity.

We believe that a fundamentally different approach is necessary to maximise the inherent opportunities that are currently emerging as the Gulf region uses the benefits derived from its natural resources to transform its' infrastructure and establish economic stability for future generations.

As an organisation, we are committed to development in the GCC; however, we are steadfast in our mission to provide our knowledge and expertise to assist economic development across the globe.

By combining our commitment to Islamic principles and deeply-rooted understanding of local culture and traditions with our multinational intellectual capital and global experience, we are uniquely equipped to meet the region's willingness to utilise investment banking as the engine to drive economic growth.

Our unrivalled credentials constitute a competitive advantage positioning Gulf One as a major participant in the region's economic progress. With exceptional dedicated leadership, great achievements and rewarding returns will follow for our shareholders and stakeholders alike.


Mr. Ziyad F. Omar  
Founder & CEO  

Licensed as a conventional wholesale bank by the Central Bank of Bahrain
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