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• The Investor Relations (IR) department acts as the key point of contact for all investors in Gulf One and Gulf One products following the investment decision made by the investor. Responsibilities include engaging both proactively and reactively with investors and shareholders in ensuring that investor communication and documentation is handled in a timely and efficient manner.

 The department is responsible for managing the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes as mandated by Gulf One and the Central Bank of Bahrain;

• IR maintains communication with all investors, keeping them informed about the progress of their holdings with the bank and decimates financial reports and analysis on the performance of the bank and its products. The department provides periodic investor statements, updates, notices and manages the distribution of all external communication materials relating to investors.


For further information and queries please contact: 
Tel: +973 1710 2589
Fax: +973 1710 0063


Ms. Carol Bhandary
Board Secretary and Investor Relations Manager

Ms. Carol Bhandary

Ms. Bhandary joined Gulf One in May 2008. She has over 19 years of Investment Banking experience and her key areas of expertise are private equity, portfolio risk monitoring and valuation; performance reviews; investor due diligence, compliance and Know Your Customer; management of transactional processes (subscription, capital return and performance pay-out). Ms. Bhandary serves as the key point of contact for Gulf One investors and shareholders. Prior to joining Gulf One, Ms. Bhandary was previously with BMB Investment Bank B.S.C. (c), Bahrain in their Investor Marketing and Corporate Finance departments for over 10 years. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Financial Accounting and Auditing from University of Mumbai, India; an Advanced Diploma in Banking Studies from the Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, and an ICA-International Diploma in Compliance from University of Manchester Business School, United Kingdom. She facilitates communications and the flow of information to and among the Board, senior management and the company’s shareholders, and ensures that the Board and senior management are well advised on corporate governance issues. Ms. Bhandary implements systems and marshal’s available resources to support the board, and is responsible for maintaining the records of the Board’s actions. 


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